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Affiliate Information

Yes Funded Choice offers a referral system for Automated Trading Program and Manual Trading Program. For every trader that is referred, the affiliate will receive 20% of the price of the challenge, and 20% of the profits that Funded Choice takes as a profit split from live funded account traded by the referred client. This in a way creates a renewable source of income for the affiliate and incentivizes them to grow with us.

For Example:

You referred a client who purchased a 100,000 USD Account from Automated Trading Program priced at 940.00 GBP. You will receive a 188.00 GBP commission (20%).

The referred client passes 1-Step Verification and on the 1st month of trading they make 10% gain.

100,000 USD x 10% = $ 10,000 Profit.

Month 1 Trader takes 70% of the profits so $ 7,000
Funded Choice takes 30% of the profits so $ 3,000
From Funded Choice’s profit split of $ 3,000.00 , $ 600.00 (20%)is given to you as the affiliate.

To sign up as an affiliate click here

Anyone! Even people that are funded with Funded Choice can sign up for our affiliate program.

Affiliates are paid out in cryptocurrency (via usdt or BTC) or through Wize.
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Indefinitely. The Affiliates will be paid a profit split on live funded account for as long as the referred client keeps the account in good standing and does not violate any of the live account rules. To familiarize yourself with the Program rules click here

You can track those metrics through the client portal. If you are registered as an affiliate, you will have metrics that will display the profit accrued from the signups as well as the profit that is made on the live funded accounts. You can get your payout processed from the client portal as well.