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General Trading

Yes. We offer a 10% discount on all challenges that are purchased in cryptocurrency. Discounts are applied when signing up for a challenge.

No, stop-loss placement is not required on 1-Stage Verification as well as the live funded account for Automated Trading Program and Manual Trading Program. We however strongly advise traders to utilize a defined stop-loss as it is conducive to better risk management reducing unforeseen large losses.

Forex-Foreign Currency Exchange is a financial market where its participants attempt to make a profit based on the fluctuations of the exchange rate of foreign currencies. Simply put there are many financial entities involved in this market, and to learn more about it, there are a plethora of good resources (non-endorsed) that one can refer to. is a solid start to get a foundation of the market.

Yes you are allowed to trade during news, however, we strongly advise that you consult the economic calendar and exercise proper risk management during high volatility news. You are allowed to hold trades during session roll-overs, as well as the weekend.

No you are not allowed to use expert advisors or algorithms to trade on Manual Trading Program accounts. This server is reserved solely for traders who want to apply their manual trading skills. If you want to use expert advisors/ algorithms/ ea/ robots/ HFT/ arbitrage to trade, you can do so if you have an Automated Trading Program Account. To learn more about our programs click here

It resets at 00:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean time) which is the timezone where our servers are based out of.

Maximum funding of $ 700,000 USD is allowed per person for both Manual Trading and Automated Trading Program.

Yes you are permitted to copy trades from other accounts within reason. We also allow the use of multiple IP addresses.

No there are none. As long as one position is opened and closed, you are entitled to month 1 payout.

We do not allow the use of any expert advisors across 1-stage verification and live funded account for Manual Trading Program.

We do not allow the use of arbitrage systems on live funded account for Automated Trading Program. Arbitrage is permitted on 1-stage verification for Automated Trading program.

Yes, we offer a 25% discount off your next account purchase if a violation was detected on either the 1 Stage Verification or live funded account.

You must be 18 years or older. Country of residence does not matter as we accept payments in cryptocurrency as well as credit cards.

Funded Choice offers Its Traders with unparalleled competitive spreads and zero dollar commissions. This applies to all accounts with leverage that goes up to 1:400.

No as research as shown that 45 days is sufficient to pass our challenge. Besides, the majority of the prop firms provide their traders with 30 calendar days to pass stage 1 and a 14 day extension which roughly amounts to the same amount of time allocated for 1-stage verification.

Yes as long as your account is in good standing (no violations of the 8% daily drawdown and 10% maximum loss of equity), you are entitled to unlimited free retries.

No. We are a FOREX based platform.

Funded Choice is not a forex broker. We use a defined server to ensure the best spreads and zero dollar commission for our traders across all of the accounts. We utilize an institutional intech company to provide us with liquidity.

Funded Choice counts a trading day when you open a trade that day before 23:59 (GMT)

There is a one-time refundable fee for the Automated Trading and Manual Trading Program. This fee is paid per challenge and is account size specific. Once you successfully pass 1-Stage Verification you are refunded this fee at the same time as your Month 1 payout.

Congratulations! You will be given a 2% payout from the profits accrued on the verification stage. Then once the KYC verification is completed, you will be automatically given the logins to your live funded trading account. This will become visible in your client portal.

Login credentials for your trading account are emailed to you within 30 minutes of completing your purchase.

No there are none, just out of courtesy notify our support team and we will make a note on your account profile.

The 1- Stage Verification Starts the moment you place the first trade.