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Payout Information

Upon passing the 1-Stage verification program for either Manual Trading or Automated Trading Program, traders are paid out 2% of the profit target required to complete the challenge. This payout is done before the trader is given the live funded account to ensure that they are rewarded for their time and expertise. Payout methods are in cryptocurrency (USDT/BTC) or Wize.

For both Manual Trading and Automated Trading programs, you are paid out 2% right away once you pass the 1- stage verification. On live funded accounts, you are paid out after 30 calendar days for Month 1, Month 2 onwards you are paid out weekly (every 7 calendar days).

When the trader is able to show 3 months of profitability on the live funded account, they are automatically upgraded to elite trader status meaning that they can request a withdrawal of the profits at anytime and they are paid out the same day.

You are able to request your payout through the client portal. The available options are through Wize or cryptocurrency (BTC, USDT). Funded Choice offers its traders same day payouts.

You will have to consult your accountant and the laws governing your area of residence. As a funded trader, you operate as a contractor, thus the obligation of filing taxes falls on you.

Before we can issue your live funded account after passing your 1-Stage Verification, you must fulfil the KYC and sign the Funded Trader Agreement Form. To satisfy the KYC, we ask you to provide a scanned photograph of a government issued ID (i.e. driver’s license) as long as the name under which the account is registered matches the name displayed on the government issued ID it is approved.

Also, please be sure to fill out and sign the Funded Trader Agreement. Both of this is done through the client portal under KYC- Know Your Client.