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Trading Program

This 1- Stage Program enables traders to use expert advisors as well as manual trading on our capital. Upon passing the 1-Stage verification program, traders are paid out 2% of the profit target required to complete the challenge.

This payout is done before the trader is given the live funded account to ensure that they are rewarded for their time and expertise.”

6 Rules To Remember

Maximum capital allocation of 700,000 (USD); 1- Stage Verification; Get paid along every single step of your funding journey


1- Stage

The entire challenge consists of one single verification stage. Once passed, the trader is paid out 2% of the profits made during the 1-stage verification and they are then given the live funded account.


9% Profit Target

To pass the entire challenge, traders must produce a 9% profit on the account. i.e. On a 100,000 (USD) challenge account, a profit of 9,000 (USD) is made, ending balance 109,000 (USD). Trader is paid out 2% of the profit made during their verification stage, thus 180.00(USD). Trader then proceeds to the live funded account.


8% Daily Drawdown

Maximum permissible daily drawdown is 8% based on balance or equity on your account within 24 hour period commencing from 00:00 GMT.


10% Maximum Loss

The equity of the trading account at any time must not be less than 90% of the initial account balance. I.e. 100,000 (USD) account lowest equity allowed is 90,000 (USD). This is the summation of both closed and floating positions (thus account equity).


20 Minimum Trading Days

You must trade for at least 20 Trading Days weekends not included. There should be no sense of urgency when trading with capital. Hence it is important for traders to pace themselves. These measurements are based off the fact that professional traders average about 0.5% gain per day. Our profit target is 9% making it a healthy 20 day minimum trading requirement.


45 Days to Pass

The Funded Choice 1- Stage Challenge duration is 45 calendar days. During this period you must attain the 9% Profit Target whilst not violating the 8% daily drawdown and 10% maximum loss.

Account Targets

Prior to capital allocation, Funded Choice needs to ensure that traders are able to manage risk. This why we created Account Targets. By being able to follow and meet the Account Targets, the trader is able to show their competence and prowess. Remember, with Automated Trading Programs, you can use any trading styles you want through both manual and expert advisors. There are no limitations on lot sizes as well as instruments traded.

Live Funded Account Payout Structure

At Funded Choice, we care about our traders being paid in the most efficient and timely manner as possible. We offer payouts through Wize, and Cryptocurrency transfer. Payouts are made available through the Client Portal

Month 1 Month 2 Onwards
Funded Choice
Funded Choice
Profit Split
Payout Schedule
30 Calendar days
Month 1- Payouts are issued after 30 Calendar Days (weekends included). Countdown starts from the time the first trade order is opened and closed.
7 Calendar Days
Month 2 Onwards, Payouts are issued every 7 calendar days (weekends included). Countdown starts from the time the first trade order is opened and closed).